Gleneagle Residents Want Neighborhood Back

People living in the Gleneagles subdivision say Wednesday's deadly shooting is just another sign their neighborhood is a hotbed for crime, and it's only getting worse.

According to police crime maps, nearly all of the crimes reported in the subdivision came from the apartment complex on Polo Club Boulevard, which were built over a year ago.

"We were told they were suppose to be luxury apartments, but instead it became a low-income housing project," said Carolyn Ross, who lives in Gleneagles.

Ross lives in a home directly behind the apartment complex and says before they were built, crime there was non-exsistant. Her home was also hit by one of several stray bullets from Wednesdays shooting.

"It hit the back of our house and my mom was home at the time, it's just too much and something needs to be done," Ros ssaid.

Her mother, Jo Ross, says she moved to Gleneagles four years ago to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and the crime it often brings.

"It's just sad, there are so many good people living here and we feel like our neighborhood has been stolen from us," Jo Ross said.

She says police are always at the apartment complex and she doesn't feel safe anymore.

"It's really a shame, I don't want to move, but if this continues, we may not have a choice," said Jo Ross.

Nearly every home on their street is for sale, rent or at one point in the last year was up for sale.

"Our property values have gone way down, if it wasn't for the slow housing market right now, we would try to sell too, but nobody wants to buy these homes," said Carolyn Ross.

Other residents tell 27NEWSFIRST they plan to take their concerns to the city, to ask for more police patrols. They say if that doesn't happen, they may be forced to do as so many of their friends and neighbors have done, pack up and move out.

"This is still a great neighborhood in most places, but this one spot is giving us a all a bad reputation," Carolyn said.

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