Store Manager Charged After Child Left In Car

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As witnesses tried to rescue child, found locked in hot van, a manager at Bed Bath and Beyond refused to get involved. Now, she faces criminal charges.

Police say they were shocked to hear the reasons why 34-year-old Elizabeth Miller refused to help.

She told the witnesses and police that it was against the store policy to get involved in parking lot activities.

A spokesperson from the corporate offices of Bed Bath and Beyond tells 27 NEWSFIRST that they have no policy like that what so ever.

That prompted an investigation by police, an investigation that resulted in criminal charges of failure to report dependency, neglect or abuse.

Those misdemeanors could bring up to six months in jail and fines if she's convicted.

This all stems from an incident earlier this month when two shoppers noticed a three-year-old locked in a hot van, not responding when the two continuously tapped on the window.

Eventually, they were able to call police, but only after they tried to get help inside the department store on Nicholasville Road.

The mother of the baby, Tanuja Patel, has also been charged. She's expected back in court in October.

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