Family Feud Leads To Family Gunfight

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Their hatred ran so deep that two Frankfort families say they fired dozens of rounds of ammunition at each other, right from their front yard.

It happened in the Bald Knob area near Frankfort. Two people were shot during the gunfight and now five people, including a teenager, are in the Franklin County Jail.

Christopher Beagle, Jr., Christopher Beagle, Sr., Anthony Engler, and Mitchell Engler are all charged with wanton endangerment, for shooting at each other.

The gun fight started after Anthony Engler allegedly confronted Christopher Beagle, Sr.

Family members say Engler was infuriated after learning his 12-year-old daughter had allegedly been drinking alcohol, and having sex with adult men at the Beagle household.

The confrontation got heated, say family members, and series of events led to the shootout.

Despite dozens of bullets being fired, no one was seriously injured.

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