Gas Prices In Kentucky Hit $4.69

It's a shock at the pump, an "Ike Spike" a lot of drivers didn't expect. Gas prices hit a record high in parts of Kentucky on Friday, close to 5 dollars a gallon.

Analysts say the hurricane is to blame.

Gas in western Kentucky jumped a dollar late Thursday night, up to $4.69 a gallon. That had people waiting in long lines in Bowling Green at the few stations that haven't made the price change yet.

It's a similar scene in Lexington where prices are increasing today and people are trying to beat them. Many stations were selling for $3.72 on Friday morning.

Some regional gas stations have run out of gas.

That's the situation in Knoxville, Tennessee. Several stations there are either running out of, or limiting customers to 10 gallon purchases.

The soaring prices came on the same day as the price of crude oil dipped beneath the $100 mark for the first time in five months

Exxon Mobil Corp., Valero Energy Corp., Conoco-Phillips and Marathon Oil are among the companies that have stopped refinery operations on the Texas coast.

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