Governor, Mayor Roll Up Their Sleeves

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Flu season is nearly here, and health officials are already encouraging people to protect themselves.

The Fayette County Health Department launched its annual flu shot campaign Friday, with some executive help, as two of the state's heavy hitters took one for the team.

Governor Steve Beshear and Lexington Mayor Jim Newberry both rolled up their sleeves and got flu shots, amidst the good news that there are no shortages of the flu vaccine expected this winter.

Ned Fitzgibbons, Director of the Vaccine Consortium, says, "There is so much available now, and will be that nobody has any excuse not to get a flu shot this year. It's the right thing to do. It's safer for you. It's safer for your family."

The federal government this year is emphasizing the need for teens and pre-teens to get flu shots, not just older adults and the very young.

Fayette County Health Department spokesman Kevin Hall says, "Studies have shown that the kids in that age group, 5 years and older, spread the germs a lot. They go to school, and they sneeze, and the flu gets spread from person to person."

There's an event coming up in Lexington that will make it easier for anyone wanting a flu shot to get one. Hall says, "On October 4, we're going to have a drive-thru clinic. It's going to be in the Lexmark Parking lot, on the Newtown Pike side. There will be six lanes. You just drive through, stick your arm out the window, and get free shots."

For more information on that free drive-thru clinic and another one later in October, just call 288-2312.

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