People Flock To Fill Up In Southern Kentucky

Cars were lined up 7 deep....waiting for what some believe could become a "bargain" price of a penny below four dollars a Somerset.

“It's going's supposed to go up even more,” said driver Ann Sears, waiting to fill up at the Somerset Wal-Mart Murphy Oil station.

That same fear was evident in Williamsburg early Friday where drivers were angry over a 30 cent increase..just before noon.

“When I pulled in here maybe 30 minutes ago, it was $3.69....before I could get to the pump it was $3.99,” said driver Ryan Marsh.

There's also the fear that gas stations will run out of gas. The owner of a Williamsburg BP station worried his delivery truck wouldn't arrive on time. It did...but moments later..he raised his price from $3.75 to $4.09 because he says the hurricanes have caused both refinery and pipeline delivery problems..which drove up the wholesale price.

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