Police Investigate Pharmacy Robbery

Police are looking for a criminal who chose a local pharmacy as his target for a robbery, saying he only wanted one thing: powerful pain-killers.

It happened Friday afternoon at the Northside Pharmacy on East New Circle Road.

It appeared the man police are now looking for had only one thing on his mind.

"He requested Oxycodin and got away with an undetermined amount," said Lt. Fred Lisanby of the Lexington Police.

Luckily for the people inside the pharmacy, the man didn't use his knife before leaving the store.

Police say the robber is five foot seven inches, about 170 pounds with long shaggy brown hair.

Police worked into the afternoon, dusting for fingerprints and trying to get good pictures of the robber from a surveilence camera.

They are also looking into the possibility that the suspect is the same person who nearly ran over a police officer Friday morning.

Police say a man, driving a maroon Toyota, took off from police near the intersection of Broadway and Seventh Street.

The getaway car in the pharmacy robbery matched the description of that car.

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