Fugitive Arrested in Boyle County

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You could call it a big bust in a small town. Law enforcement officers weren't expecting a fugitive to drive right into their sobriety checkpoint set up in rural Boyle County late Friday night.

Boyle County Sheriff's Deputy Brian Wofford says Scott Neal Payne was nervous when officers approached his vehicle asking for identification. They became suspicious and called in their K-9 officer, "Tjard," to assist in a search of Payne's vehicle. "Tjard" smelled drugs. His senses were right on as officers found several thousand dollars worth of crystal methamphetamine, marijuana, prescription drugs and a stolen firearm. Payne also had several fake driver's licenses out of Nevada with names of people whose identities were stolen.

Police later found that Payne was a convicted felon and a wanted man not only in Kentucky, but also in California, Texas and Washington.

Payne was arrested and is being lodged in the Boyle County Detention Center. Federal authorities are now deciding whether or not they will pursue the case.

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