Governor Declares Emergency Due To Wind Damage

Harsh winds caused by remnants of Hurricane Ike knocked down trees and snapped power lines, wreaking damage across Kentucky on Sunday.

Gov. Steve Beshear declared a state of Emergency for Kentucky on
Sunday night.

"With this state of emergency order, we can take whatever steps
necessary to support first responders in communities across the
state, provide resources at the state level to ensure safety and,
if necessary, request federal assistance," Beshear said in a

The winds left hundreds of thousands without electric power in
Louisville. In Lexington, at the height to Sundays storm, at least 5,000 residents were left in the dark.

"It has been difficult to keep up, once we get one section restored we get more reports in another section of the city," said Cliff Feltham with Kentucky Utilities.

Feltham said KU crews will work around the clock to restore power, he expects the majority of it, if not all will be back on-line by Monday.

Elsewhere in the city, the winds caused large trees to snap and fall onto major roadways.

"We were just driving and all of the sudden, boom," said Johnny Miller.

Miller says he watched in horror as a tree crushed the car in front of him, at Fontaine and High Streets.

"Somehow, miraculously the woman walked away without a scratch and no one was hurt," Miller went on to say.

A couple of miles away another woman wasn't as lucky, a tree fell onto her car on Richmond Road, she had to be taken to the hospital for unknown injuries.

At Cedar and Mill Streets near UK's campus, a wall of an abandon building was blown over crushing a truck and sending bricks flying into the road and parking lot across the street.

"It was so loud and it shook the whole house, I mean we knew the winds were strong, but we never thought they were strong enough to topple a brick wall," Nikki Justice said.

Police had to block the street off, because the wall also took out an active power-line.

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