Waffle House Robbed In Bizarre Holdup

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Lexington Police are still trying to sort out a bizarre robbery that happened early Monday morning.

Police were called to the Waffle House on North Broadway after a man came in with a gun, saying he had a hostage.

Moments after the robbery, a police chase ended on Parkside Road. That is just blocks away from the South Broadway Waffle House.

19-year-old Andrew Roe was charged with the unusual armed robbery.

Joe Lupien, a Waffle House employee described the ordeal.

"The waitress walked up to them and asked them what they wanted. He told her 'this is my hostage. Gimme your money or she's gonna get hurt,'" Lupien said.

Stunned Waffle House employees, Lupien included, stared at a what they describe as a semi-automatic gun with a long barrel. Lupien says it was wrapped in a towel.

"He just wanted the bills. She gave it to him and he said 'Nice doing business with you,'" Lupien said.

Lupien said Roe grabbed the arm of his alleged hostage, 19-year-old Brittany Tipton, as they ran out of the restaurant. Police weren't far behind.

Officers headed down Parkside and say they saw both Roe and Tipton in the field, trying to hide. Police say Roe took off running.

When police caught him, he'd shed his tan hoodie, camouflage pants and weapon.

A Waffle House employee brought to Parkside, via cruiser, identified Roe as the robber. His alleged hostage, Tipton, was also caught.

She was taken downtown for questioning. Police now say she was a willing accomplice. She was also charged.

Both 19-year-old suspects are charged with robbery, fleeing & evading and tampering with physical evidence.

Police say nobody got hurt.

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