People Cleaning Up From Strong Winds

People are cleaning up after a storm, packing strong winds, whipped through the state on Sunday afternoon.

The remnants of Hurricane Ike hit some parts of Kentucky with 75 mile per hour winds. That's as strong as the winds that accompany a Category 1 hurricane.

The damage is so severe, Governor Steve Beshear had declared a state of emergency.

The wind knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of people. It is being called the most massive power outage in state history. So many people are without power in Louisville and northern Kentucky, it could be days before the lights come back on.

Members of the Kentucky National Guard have been dispatched to help with the cleanup in Louisville, one of the hardest hit areas. Guard members will assist in clearing downed trees throughout
the area and will help staff drop-off sites for storm debris.

Storm damage has been reported in half of Kentucky's 120 counties.

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