Man Sentenced For Cigarette Scheme

It's an elaborate scheme that stretched from the Bluegrass to some of the country's biggest cities.

A man admits he bought millions of cigarettes in Central Kentucky, only to sell them in other places where the cigarette tax is much more expensive.

On Monday, 42-year-old Howard Mui was sentenced to 30 months in prison for the crime. His attorney admits he could have gotten a lot more time.

Mui admitted he bought the cigarettes in Fayette and Madison Counties. In Kentucky, the cigarette tax is 30 cents per pack, one of the lowest taxes in the country.

Investigators say Mui would then take them to his hometown of Chicago, and sell them for less than what Chicago residents can buy them for.

In Chicago, the cigarette tax is $3.66 per pack.

Mui admitted to his attorney he's been doing this since 2005. Police have been watching him in an undercover investigation for 2 years.

In all Mui made more than a $1 million profit. That's about how much he'll have to pay in restitution, as part of his sentencing.

Investigators say Mui sold the cigarettes through a family-run business in Chicago. He also sold them in New York.

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