Firefighter's Home Goes Up In Flames

An investigation continues in Breathitt County after a volunteer firefighter's home went up in flames.

As fire officials look for answers, the family says they believe someone is to blame.

As a volunteer firefighter, Kassandra Scotland is used to fires, but never expected the one thing she's trained to fight would take over her home.

She came home from taking a college class to a site she couldn't believe. Her home was destroyed by flames.

Scotland says the hardest part was telling her ten and sixteen-year-old sons that everything was gone.

Now the family is just looking for answers, saying the fire is suspicious.

"{there's} nothing in the house that I know that could've caught on fire. I'm 100% sure the furnace wasn't on, and there's nothing wrong with the hot water heater," Scotland said.

But until someone figures out exactly what happened, she says she and her boys will just try to move forward, the best that they can.

"I'll make is on my feet, one way or another, even if i have to work more," she said.

Fire officials say they are looking into the fire, and at this time they do not know what caused it.

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