Number Of Car Break-Ins Increasing In Lexington

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The numbers are out and more Lexington people are getting their cars broken into than during the same time last year.

But police caution not to look too far into the numbers. Lexington police say they get 4,000 car break-in complaints a year.

During the summer months, when the weather is nice, they typically see more than the cold months.

This August, for example, Lexington police have received 226 complaints, compared to only 167 last August.

In only the first nine days of September, there have been 68 car break- ins. During that same time span last year, there were 37 break ins.

Police say it's more that the numbers were down last year rather than the other way around. But regardless, they say there is a trend.

Police say the thieves strike parking lots at stores, apartments and other areas where there are lots of potential targets.

They urge everyone to take extra precautions to avoid being a statistic.

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