Bluegrass Conspiracy Player Released From Prison

A former Lexington police officer sent to jail for his role in the 'Bluegrass Conspiracy' is now out of jail.

Bill Canan who is now 63-years-old got out of federal prison on September 3rd. The 'Bluegrass Conspiracy' was a multi-million dollar drug ring involving well connected members of the Lexington community and the police force.

A former WKYT reporter, Sally Denton, first broke the story back in the 1980's. Many say Billy Canan and Andrew Thorton, who served as detectives in the narcotics division at Lexington Police Department, were the leaders of "The Company," a drug smuggling ring in Kentucky.

Somewhere during their service, it's believed both started smuggling cocaine and other drugs.
In September 1985, Thorton died in a parachute accident, on him, investigators found 150 pounds of cocaine, valued at $15 million as well as thousands in cash.

Billy Canan was arrested later at his Lexington apartment complex charged with drug trafficking and threatening to kill someone. He also became the chief suspect in the mysterious disappearance of Melanie Flynn, who he had been romantically involved with.

Flynn's family believes Canan killed her and then dumped her body.

Canan was never charged in connection with Flynn's disappearance and served the time he was given by the court system.

As to where he resides following his prison release, it is not known.

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