Fugitives Caught Right In Front Of Police Station

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A pair of Tennessee fugitives were caught after they ran off to a Corbin hotel.

Police say James Wright and Derrick Beeler broke out of a Tennessee jail by climbing through the ceiling vents. Once out, police say they stole a coroner's van and headed to Kentucky.

The fugitives then checked in to a hotel in Corbin, a hotel that may be the safest hotel in town, because it's right across from the police station.

Police say once the men found their hide out, they didn't lay low. Instead, they say the pair of escapees went to WD Bryant's Hardware store, and made off with hundreds of dollars worth of tools. The clerk was able to describe the coroner's van that she says the men got away in.

Police spotted the van sitting at the Economy Inn, right across from the police station. Police arrested Wright, Beeler, and a woman who was with them. All are being held in the Whitley county jail.

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