Elvis Returns To Set Record Straight

He's made a career out of pretending to be a superstar, but it's this Elvis impersonator's run-ins with the law, not his act, that's made him a television and internet sensation.

Now David Blaisdell, 65, says he's been cleared of all charges against him and just wants to set the record straight.

It was last March when Blaisdell dressed like Elvis and was walking down Nicholasville Rd. just before 8am.

He was on his way to a court appearence at the Jessamine County courthouse. Blaisdell says he's wore the outfit to gain attention, hoping someone would pick him up and give him a lift to the court house.

"It worked too, two young guys picked me up near the Fayette-Jessamine County line and took me to the courthouse,' said David Blaisdell.

Only problem, after being picked up and given a ride to the courthouse, a judge ruled him in contempt of court for being drunk.

"I was not drunk, and the breathalyzer they used, is illegal in Kentucky," said Blaisdell.

Blaisdell was in court for stalking and violating a protective order. Charges he again says have been dropped as well.

He says all the media attention has been tough on him as well as his family and some of it wasn't waranted.

"I'm happy people got some laughs out of it, but others took it too far and attacked my character and reported incorrect facts, just to make good TV," Blaisdell went on to say.

On Tuesday he was featured on 'Court TV' and his story is all over the internet and at one point was the number one search on YOUTUBE.

But aside from all the negative attention, Blaisdell says, it's not going to stop him from entertaining the world as, 'The King.'

"Elvis is awesome, I feel honored to even to be one of thousands who keep his life and music alive," Blaisell ended.

Jessamine County says there are no pending charges against Blaisdell.

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