Roaches Overrun Lexington Neighborhood

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They say their homes are overrun with roaches, but it's not their fault.

Some people in a Lexington neighborhood say the bugs are all migrating from a nearby home.

"They're in my herbie, they're in my house," Whitney Avenue resident Gerri Mayberry said. "A couple of nights ago, I was sitting on my porch, and I felt something tickling my neck. I went like this, and it was a roach."

Mayberry says her bad roach problem is because of the house next door.

It was abandoned for a while, and when a new company bought it, Mayberry says all the roach infested furniture was moved onto the street. That's when the roaches moved into other nearby homes.

"They came to my house, and they came to the house next door," Mayberry says.

Mayberry says she's had the exterminator at her home three times, but the roaches keep coming back.

Mayberry and her neighbors have called Fayette County Code Enforcement and the Health Department several times.

But she says she's not received much help from either.

The Fayette County Health Department tells 27 NEWSFIRST their hands are tied, because there's no evidence. Officials there also say the neighborhood infestation is due to one house, so they can't take sweeping steps to stop it.

Code Enforcement has cited the new home owner for the roaches and for the condition of the house.

Mayberry and her neighbors are now petitioning the city to take action.

"Nobody seems to want to help us," Mayberry said. "Maybe to get some help, we gonna have to get some rats."

27 NEWSFIRST spoke with the owner of the home where the roaches originally came from. He says he's working to get the house up to code and to get rid of the bugs.

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