Pastor Convicted of Money Laundering and Harboring a Fugitive

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Federal Officials say evidence at the Reid's trial showed that from January 2000 through November 2005, the Reids purchased land in Clay County, then constructed homes, remodeled an existing home, and built a convenient store. It was all to disguise a multi-million dollar marijuana trafficking operation.

"The prison's full of rats," Wayne's brother, Sammy, said.

Reid's brother, Sammy, claims two men and Larry Jackson, a federal fugitive whom officials say the couple hid, cut deals to receive lighter sentences and put away the 60-year-old minister and his wife.

"Wayne is in good spirits. He knows he's got the Lord with him. He knows he is going to be alright. It is these guys that just made these terrible stories up" Reid said.

Word that a preacher and his wife will face prison time spread through the county quickly. Some were shocked and in disbelief.

"I can't believe it, because when I moved down here, he was the first person that has come, that has ever come, that has invited me to church," Ella Wheers said.

"Who wouldn't be hurt over this? They have been together for 40 years. Now they are going to be separated. This is the one of the worst things that's ever happened to Clay County, to me," Sammy Reid says.

Reverend Wayne Reid is in the Laurel County Jail. Donna Reid bonded out.

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