Third Murder Suspect Arrested

Murder Suspect, Jason Frazier

A Kentucky man, wanted for murder, is now in police custody.

Authorities in Laurel County had been looking for 26-year-old Jason Frazier since Thursday morning. That search ended Friday morning in Columbus, Ohio.

Officers say he accidentally helped them find him by continuing to make calls on his cell phone. By tracking those calls, they tracked him down.

Police spotted his car early Friday morning. A SWAT team and helicopter were called in, but officers say Frazier surrendered without a fight.

Frazier is the third person to be arrested in connection with the murder of 26-year-old Devin Overby, whose body was found Sunday morning on Happy Hollow Road in Laurel County.

Terry Riley is charged with Tampering with physical evidence. His brother, Dwayne Riley, faces murder and other charges.

Columbus police officers say Frazier was with his girlfriend at the time of his arrest. There's no word on whether or not she faces charges.

Kentucky State Police officers have not said what the motive for killing Overby was.

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