Bold Thief Hits Richmond Hotel

Central Kentucky police are looking for a brazen thief who committed his crime in broad daylight.

Richmond police say the man stole exterior lamps from the La Quinta Inn on Lexington Road.

Witnesses say they assumed he was a hotel employee because he was simply cutting the lights off a wall and throwing them in the back of his truck.

Police say the man got away with 21 lamps, valued at about 100-dollars each. They think he was probably going to sell them for scrap.

The suspect was described as a white male, approximately 6', 180 pounds, with a slight beard. He was driving an older model, full-size pickup truck, blue in color. The truck was loaded with other miscellaneous items, including a ladder.

Any one with information regarding this theft is asked to contact the Richmond Police Department at 859-623-8911.

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