Vandals Cause Havoc in Lexington Neighborhood

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It’s costly, frustrating, and happening again and again. People living along Spring Meadows Drive, off Harrodsburg Road, say vandals are wrecking their property and causing havoc in their neighborhood.

Residents say the problem began about a month ago in the Harrods Park Townhouse community. When several cars tires were slashed, that was about a month ago.

On Friday morning, at least six cars were hit, some had their tires slashed and some were keyed and in two of the cases, they had both, costing some thousands of dollars in damage.

"It's sick, who would do this, I just can't believe it," said Eva Wade. She woke up to find all four of her tires had been slashed as well as keyed on all sides.

"It just puts a burden on all of us, and we are wondering what could be next?" said Jenni Hall.

In the last two months, Halls car has been hit twice, the vandals also ripped out all of her flowers and vegetables in her garden.

"I just want to know who it is and what their reasons are, for doing it," Hall went on to say.

Some believe they are specifically being targeted because of a recent parking space dispute that has divided the neighborhood.

Eva Wade says her damages will easily exceed several thousands of dollars and it's a similar story for others.

Police are investigating the cases and are asking anyone with information that might be helpful in their investigation, tips can be left anonymously.

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