Fiery Crash Victim Identified

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We now know the name of a woman whose SUV burst into flames when it crashed on I-64 in Montgomery County.

The coroner says 24-year-old Cassandra Blanton, of Lexington, died Sunday night.

He says Blanton was travling home to Lexigton when she hit a guardrail, crossed the median, and then slammed into a rock embankment. The SUV then burst into flames, trapping her inside.

It took officials a while to identify her because she and her vehicle were so badly burned.

Blanton was on her way home from seeing her family in Bath County. The cororner says her husband was out looking for her since she never arrived home.

Both lanes of I-64 were closed for about an hour and a half as crews worked the scene.

Members of Blanton's family say she was a wonderful young woman who leaves behind her husband and a 6-year-old daughter.

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