Lexington Woman Says Two Yorkie Pups Stolen

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A woman is pleading for help after she says someone broke into her home and stole her two Yorkie puppies.

While she's heartbroken they're gone, she also says they could die soon without medicine.

On Saturday night, Lynn Caudill went out to run an errand. She says when she returned home that night, she noticed her front door was wide open.

She ran into the house, looking for her Yorkie puppies. They are only a couple months old and weigh about a pound.

She searched the home but soon realized they'd been stolen. She says the thieves didn't touch anything else in the house.

Now, she's pleading for help, saying both dogs are on medicine for low blood sugar and without the medicine they would only survive for a few days.

Caudill says at this point she just wants her dogs back, no questions asked.

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