Surveillance Video Captures Check Thieves In The Act

The story begins August 28th in Jackson, where police say a couple entered the Jackson Walmart and worked together to take checks from a woman's purse.

"They got involved in a conversation about a store item, and while the victim was distracted, her accomplice, being the male, took the purse out of a shopping buggy," said London Police Lt. Stewart Walker.

The pair put the purse back, without the victim even knowing she has been targeted.

"But it took several days for these checks to start appearing through the bank," said Lt. Walker.

After the heist in Jackson, the pair went London where police say
they were successful in using the stolen checks at five different

It was at a Kroger store where their actions were caught on tape, but police say they also hit several truck stops where they spent hundreds of dollars on gasoline and cigarettes.

"There is some business in the resale of cigarettes, especially when they don't necessarily cost you anything," said Walker.

Police say they're looking for a woman in her 40's and a man in his late
30's/early 40's with tattoos in his right arm. The pair was seen driving a
white Toyota Camry.

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