Arrests In Purse Snatching Scam

Police arrest two people they think are behind a purse snatching scam.

Kenneth Robinson and Arbutis Mize were taken to the Perry County Jail. Mize has already bonded out.

Police say the two stole checks from a woman at the Jackson Walmart.

Surveillance video from a London Kroger store later showed a couple using the stolen checks. The same checks were use to buy cigarettes and gasoline at five different businesses.

Authorities tell 27 NEWSFIRST that at the time of their arrest, Robinson and Mize were wearing the exact same outfits as the couple in the surveillance video.

Robinson admitted to the crime during a jailhouse interview on Tuesday.

"I wish I could go back and redo it, you know, and not do it, but I can't. All I can do is tell the lady I'm sorry and try to make it right to her, if she'll give me a chance to do that," Robinson said.

Robinson and Mize are each charged in Laurel County with five counts of criminal possession of a forged instrument.

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