Fiancee Says Murdered Laurel County Man & Suspect Were Friends

He was beaten, kicked in the head and left to die along a rural road. That's what police say happened to a murder victim as they laid out the case against two brothers, accused of killing him.

This was the first time we've heard about some of the evidence police say they've collected in the case.

Two brothers, DeWayne and Terry Riley, along with a third man are charged in connection with the death of Devin Overbey.

His body was found along a Laurel County road earlier this month.

The evidence is that DeWayne Riley allegedly played a role in beating Overbey to death.

Police say Riley's brother, Terry, told them of what happened to Overbey at his house during a party.

"Then he said he observed DeWayne Riley kick the victim," said Det. Millard Root with Kentucky State Police.

Police said Terry Riley told them of witnessing the beating Overbey took also at the hands of Jason Frazier, who awaits extradition after he was arrested in Ohio.

"He said there were 6 blows to the back of the head and what appeared to be a footprint to the facial area of the victim," testified Det. Root.

Overbey's body was eventually dumped on Happy Hollow road. Police said his truck was found burned in Rockcastle County.

"He loved his truck and for them to just to get rid of his truck in hopes that nobody would find it!" exclaimed Overbey's fiance April Helton. She and other family members attended the hearing, all wearing buttons with Overbey's picture.

Police are still not commenting on a motive, but the victim's family said that rumors that the murder was somehow a racially motivated crime are false.

In fact, Overbey's fiancee says she's surprised that Terry Riley is
connected to the crime.

"Devin was supposed to be Terry's friend. I just don't understand why they had to do this to him. And then they hauled him off like he's nobody," said Helton.

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