Mt. Vernon Mayor Arrested for Rock Fight

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A small-town mayor was taken to jail on Tuesday morning. Police say she abused her power.

They charged Clarice Kirby, the mayor of Mt. Vernon in Rockcastle County, with official misconduct. It all stems from an argument over rocks.

Superintendent Larry Hammond with Rockcastle County Schools says he wanted the rocks from a wall that was being demolished to make room for a new sidewalk.

Hammond says he used to own the property and asked the new owner if he could take the rocks. The owner agreed.

But Hammond says before he could get the rocks, Mayor Kirby had city workers take the rocks and dump them at a property she owned instead.

Hammond says he confronted Kirby last week about this and left that conversation with the impression that she was going to return the rocks to his home.

Hammond says instead of doing that, Kirby instructed city workers to take the rocks and dump them at Lake Linville with other construction debris. She denied that she ever made those orders.

Kirby could not be reached for comment. She's due in court on October 20th to answer to the charge against her.

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