'Goon Squad' Terrorizing Neighborhood

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People living along Madison Avenue near Downtown Richmond say they're afraid to even step out of their doors, all because of who's waiting outside, a group of teenagers known as "The Goon Squad."

Police say the group of teenagers is terrorizing the neighborhood, but now neighbors, city leaders, and police are joining forces to take back their street.

"It's just sad that these kids don't have anything better to do, but destroy their own community," said Patsy Eaton, who is leading the charge to end the groups wild behavior.

"They are a group of teen boys who run up and down the streets at all hours of the night. They break into cars, spray paint our homes and pick fights with innocent victims," Eaton went on to say.

Eaton and other neighbors have taken their concerns to city leaders and on Tuesday city leaders, and police met to discuss possible options to combat the growing problem and to crack down on the 'Goon Squad.'

"It's becoming a serious problem, it really is and the city needs to take action," said Eaton.

She says this 'wannabee gang' will not last as long as she calls Madison Avenue her home.

"No, we are never going to give up, I've lived here for 27 years, this is my home," said Eaton.

In response to these concerns, Richmond Police are increasing their patrols in the neighborhood. The city is also thinking about imposing a curfew law for kids 16 and under.

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