Razor Scooters Recalled

WASHINGTON (AP) - About 103,000 Chinese-made Razor scooters are
being recalled.

The move comes after four people have received cuts on the scooters that required tendon surgery.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission says some of the company's PowerWing three-wheeled scooters have sharp edges on the bottom of the platforms where riders place their feet.

The importer of the scooters, Razor USA, has received 10 reports
of the platform cutting users on the ankle or the Achilles tendon.
Four of them needed tendon surgery and three needed stitches.

Razor has also recalled about 30,000 Chinese-made Dirt Quad
electric-powered, ride-on vehicles because the throttle controls
can fail and cause the vehicles to surge forward unexpectedly. Two
people are reported to have been hurt on the vehicles.

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