Pulaski Co. Man Who Shot Wife Admits Guilt

Samuel and Chasika Rose were only married a few months when gunfire rang out at their Somerset apartment. It was a gunshot that would change the couple's lives forever.

Samuel Rose admits he shot his wife in the head. But he says he didn't
mean to.

"It was a loaded gun in my pants and it went off. And I didn't, it was an accident," a tear-filled Rose told the Pulaski Circuit Judge on Thursday.

Her family says the shooting left Chasika Rose brain dead.

"He shot my daughter in the face with a handgun in their apartment. He
left her a vegetable. She cannot talk. She can only raise one right hand," said Brenda Polson, Chasika's mother.

Samuel Rose told the judge why he was pleading guilty to wanton assault second degree.

"I'm pleading guilty to wanton. I didn't mean for it to happen," Rose said.

"He was throwing his 'cry baby.' Oh poor little Sam. It's my daughter that's poor little Chasika. She's the one who lost her life, her freedom. Just waiting to pass away," said Polson.

Rose's plea means prosecutors will recommend a 7 year sentence. Chasika Rose's family says that's not enough.

"He took my daughter's life. And he changed my life, grand-kids lives, and he's got what's coming to him. Judgment day he will pay," said Polson.

Samuel Rose will be back in court for final sentencing on Oct. 23rd.

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