Beware Of Canadian Lottery Scam

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A Georgetown woman, dealing with some big medical bills, thought it was a gift from above that she'd won a foreign lottery.

But she didn't want to go counting her blessing until she found out they were legit. That was a good idea.

It turns out the letter, from the Mapleleaf Lottery Corporation of Canada, telling her she'd won a quarter of a million dollars was a scam!

The letter instructed her to cash a smaller check into her bank, send the company the money and then wait for her grand prize.

Kay Montgomery knew that wasn't right, so she called her lawyer, the federal government, and a relative. They all confirmed it was a scam.

She's now warning others, "if it looks too good to be true. It probably is".

The scam appears to be targeting the sick and elderly, those who have lots of medical bills piling up

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