Lexingtons Second Biggest Park Becoming Reality

It's more than 200 acres of prime land and on Thursday night Lexington leaders said they now know what they're going to do with it.

For weeks the city has been taking suggestions on the development of Hisile Park, which sits off of Briar Hill Road in East Lexington.

Park designers say the sprawling 280 acre park will be passive. It will contain, walking trails, horse riding trails, gardens, fishing ponds as well as an archery range.

"We believe it is a win-win situation for everybody," said the parks designer, Chris Camp.

Unlike the biggest park in the city, Masterson Station, Camp says Hisile Park will be much more natural and quiet and won't include ball diamonds or housing.

"We really want it to be remote and mirror it's current landscape, almost like it's not a park," Camp went on to say.

Neighbors of the property were concerned the park would destroy their peacefulness and create too much traffic, so city leaders took that into consideration.

"I think it's a good plan," said Julia Householder, who's family leases the property.

Householder runs a retired-rescue business for racing horses on the land and is concerned where the 100 horses might go.

"We just want to make sure we find new homes for these horses and we are willing to work with the city and hopefully everything will work out," she went on to say.

The proposal will now go before the city council for approval, but it is expected to get unanimous support. The properties transition into a park could begin as early as next summer.

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