Explosion Rocks Shoppers At Walmart

An explosion at a Walmart sent three people to the hospital.

It happened just after 4:00 Friday afternoon off of highway 192 near Interstate 75 in Laurel County.

Police say the driver of a pickup stopped to check on a leaking propane tank in the back of his truck. It's believed a static charge ignited vapors, which caused the explosion.
The blast threw the driver, Michael Mize, several feet in the air. He was taken to the hospital with burns. His son says it is a miracle he's alive.
"He's tough as nails," said his son, Travis Mize.

The blast rattled store shelves and knocked some items onto shoppers.
Two workers at a nearby Walgreens received minor injuries after a light fixture fell on them.
The Walmart was closed for about an hour.

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