Mother Accused of Starving Children Speaks Out

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A mother, accused of starving her twins, is speaking exclusively to 27 NEWSFIRST, telling us it was her concern, not neglect, that has gotten her in trouble with the law.

A day after an indictment was issued for 36-year-old Tricia Kimbler, charging her with criminal abuse of her newborn twins, she turned herself in at the Pulaski County Sheriff's Department for a crime she says she didn't commit.

"I did not neglect or abuse my children. I didn't starve them. I love my babies with all my heart," says Tricia Kimbler.

The mother, who already had one son, says she was looking forward to having another child.

"I wanted a little girl. I got two," said Kimbler.

But those two girls came almost 2 1/2 months early.

"They were premature and medically fragile when they were born," Kimbler says.

Kimbler says she was following doctors orders and tried to get help for little Caydence and Calliope, but when she took them in with concern, the girls were taken away and Kimbler was accused of starving them.

Her lawyer says since then they still haven't gained very much weight, even with a foster family.

"Since they were taken from her, they have only gained a pound and a half as of last week," says Robert Norfleet, Kimbler's attorney.

Tricia Kimbler says she is innocent of the charges and just wants her girls back.

Friday she posted her $50,000 cash bond, and will appear in court on October 23rd.

For now, she tells us she'll be staying with family in Indiana so she can remain close to her children.

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