State, City & Tech School Taking ZAP Apps

FRANKLIN, KY -- Franklin Mayor Jim Brown got tired of fielding questions about when the ZAP electric car plant would start accepting applications. So, he decided the city should do it.

The city has been taking applications for jobs at the electric car plant, which is under construction in the south central Kentucky city. Bowling Green Technical College Franklin campus is expected to start taking them at the end of the month.

"We're receiving them and putting them in a box and forwarding them on," Brown told The Daily News in Bowling Green.

Integrity Manufacturing CEO Randall Waldman said school officials are working with Integrity - the company that will produce ZAP vehicles and owns a majority of the Franklin plant.

"We're assisting them in any way we can and that's one of the topics we've been discussing," said Mark Brooks, public relations director for the Bowling Green Technical College. "But nothing has been finalized yet."

The company's job application Web site,, is still under construction, even though company officials that it would be operating weeks ago.

Brown said despite the excitement, it might be too early to start applying for jobs at the ZAP plant.

While the company has hired some managerial staff, it does not plan to hire the majority of its workers, plant operators and production staff, for another few months.

Waldman said the company plans to have equipment running inside the plant by July, and most employees should be hired shortly before July 1.

"In six months, your resume could change," Brown said. "But I know people are anxious about it."

Waldman said all equipment is set up to start preparing the site, and crews have begun groundwork. The site work takes about 45 to 50 days and will be followed by construction of the foundation, Waldman said.

Waldman said the plant should be fully operating by October 2009, and it is expected to eventually have 4,000 employees. ZAP currently works with manufacturers in China, but it will vacate the China plant and move to its exclusive location to Franklin.

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