Lincoln County Home Damaged By Fire

A house fire breaks out around seven Monday morning along Hustonville Road in Stanford.

Thanks to the quick action of firefighters they were able to save the home and most of the belongings inside. The homeowner noticed something burning in the attic, where there was an electrical short, and quickly called the fire department.

92 year old Anna Stewart knew something was wrong when she smelled smoke after her power went out, but came back on seconds later.

Stanford firefighters arrived moments later to find an attic fire caused by an electrical short that caught insulation on fire. They got to the flames through the attic, and prevented the fire from spreading.

Fire officials say they were able to save all her belongings with no damage to any of it, but just a minor repair to the roof.

Stewart's house is on busy Highway 78, which was shut down while firefighters worked to clean up the scene. Traffic was rerouted along much narrower roads.

The Stanford Fire Chief says fires are common in houses of old age. He says the good news is that the homeowner noticed it quickly. He also adds that had the fire spread in the middle of the night while the homeowner was asleep, it could have been much worse.

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