Plane Crash Victim Talks About Parachuting Out

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A Northern Kentucky man says it must not have been his time to go. 33-year old Dwayne Sharp and his cousin Scott Sharp had to parachute from their plane last week after the engine shut off.

The two were flying in a 1973 Sorrel Skybolt when Sharp says a big puff of black smoke came out, then the plane violently shook. He says Scott immediately told him they were going to have to jump out of the plane.

Dwayne says he jumped first, eventually landing and hitting a log. He then called 9-1-1 for help. Scott stayed in the plane as long as possible to guide it into an area where there weren't any homes. Sharp says Scott finally jumped, but because he was so close to the ground he hit very hard. Scott suffered a number of serious injuries and remains in the hospital.

Dwayne says it is required to wear a parachute in that type of plane.

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