Car Mows Through Lexington Park, Bursts Into Flames

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A car careens through a park, crashes, and bursts into flames. It happened late this evening at Lexington's River Hill Park at Man O' War and Crosby Drive.

The accident shut down Man O'War while fire put out the fiery wreckage.

The first call went out as an accident on Man O'War, but when units arrived they road was clear.

"Our first responders found the car fully engulfed down in a ravine, just off the roadway," said Capt. Doug Boyd with Lexington Fire.

When fire put it out, no one was in the car and no one was around it.

"We just saw the car speed by us while we were throwing some baseballs around at the parks ball diamond," said Don Baird.

Baird and his son, Kent, say the car drove down the parks walking path and then slammed into the revene bursting into flames.

"We called 911 and my son went to our house and grabbed the fire extinguisher," said Baird.

But they had to stay back because the heat from the fire was too much.

"I looked at my Dad and said, something just doesn't seem right," Kent Baird said.

"The way he was driving the car and where he was driving it, definitely made us think it wasn't his car," said Don.

Police agreed, saying they believed the car was a stolen and when the suspect wrecked, the driver fled.

Police say they are investigating the incident and the only description the Baird's were able to provide for police, is that the driver was a black male.

Man'o war near Crosby was shut down for more than an hour.

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