Six cases of flu now confirmed in Fayette County

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More cases of the flu are now being reported around Kentucky, and so far, they've all been in Fayette County.

The Fayette County Health Department says one of the latest cases is a two-week-old infant.

Health officials say these cases show you need to get your flu shot as soon as possible!

Friday morning, four more case were reported in addition to two previous ones.

This has health officials urging everyone to get the shot. They say in particular, infants, young children, and caregivers of kids need to get vaccinated.

"With children, the younger they are, they can get sick and sick fast with influenza," says Lexington-Fayette County Commissioner of Health, Dr. Melinda Rowe.

Recent reports of the flu in Fayette County have health officials stressing just how important it is to get the vaccine.

"The flu shot is the best protection from getting influenza," Dr. Rowe says.

Children under 6 months of age cannot get the shot, but doctors say expecting mothers can do something about that.

"The recommendation are for all pregnant women to get the shot. It not only protects them, but their babies too," Dr. Rowe says.

This year's flu shot covers three strains, including H1N1.

Flu shots are readily available throughout central Kentucky including the Lexington-Fayette County Health Department.

Also, the health department is hosting a special clinic Friday, October 22, at Applebee's Park. They'll be giving out thousands of free flu shots.

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