3 high school seniors working on eyewear app

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (AP) - Three high school students are spending their summer trying to make information about Western Kentucky University appear right before your eyes - in the form of an app for wearable computer technology known as Google Glass.

The product was released initially in 2012 and to the general public this year. The $1,500 eyewear has a small screen above the right eye that offers Internet access, camera, email, maps and voice commands.

The three 17-year-olds at Gatton Academy in Bowling Green are developing a WKU app to help students. In a Western news release, Logan Houchens of Crestwood says the app should make campus life easier.

Houchens is working with Lydia Buzzard of Hopkinsville and Peter Kaminski of Owensboro to develop the app.

Gatton students enroll early as full-time WKU students.

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