Road Salt Shortage Means Price Hike

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A severe shortage in road salt, that is used during the winter months, has caused prices to double and triple in some areas.

Many surrounding communities met in Mt. Sterling Wednesday to discuss alternatives and solutions to the salt crisis.

Each year, the U.S. has been using more road salt to clear roads. Therefore, it's a supply problem that is causing the sky-rocketing prices.

Steve Lane, the Public Works Director in Mt. Sterling, says, "It's going to affect everyone, Lexington and Louisville because they use more of it, but it's really going to affect smaller communities."

Last year, Mt. Sterling used more than 650 tons of salt at $51 per ton. This year, salt prices have jumped to more than $100 per ton.

Leo McMillan, the Director of Streets & Roads in Lexington, says, "We're in the process of trying to purchase another 300 tons."

In Lexington, the salt prices have jumped from $42 a ton to more than $63 a ton.

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