Police Suspect Arson In Lincoln Fires

It began as a peaceful night for a Crab Orchard family. John Garner was in the living room watching TV, his wife had just gone to bed.

“Someone pounded on the door, said I had a fire in the garage,” said Garner.

Garner rushed outside and grabbed the garden hose. Firefighters were called and the home was saved, but Christmas decorations and his grandchildren's toys were not.

“It confuses me that people would want to do something like this,” said Garner.

While firefighters were putting out Garner's fire, his next door neighbor's travel trailer caught fire.

Now, officials say these two fires, and the ones earlier that destroyed 3 outbuildings, were probably set on purpose.

“I’m amazed that people would do something that could possibly harm someone else, even someone's property," said Garner.

The Crab Orchard fire chief suspects arson because the outbuildings had no electrical hook ups and there were no storms moving through at the time.

Police are looking at possible suspects. They say some young people were acting suspicious in the area at the time.

People in the neighborhood are worried.

“My wife is terrified. She's blind, first of all. She's scared. We sat up all night just to make sure (nothing would happen),” said Bill Buschner, who watched two of the outbuildings burn “in seconds.”

No one was injured in any of the fires. But there's a lot of rebuilding to be done here.

“I’m thinking that most of the garage needs to be replaced,” said Garner.

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