First Zap Car On The Road In Central Kentucky

There was much debate this summer over whether or not all electric vehicles would be allowed on Kentucky roads.

The Governor said yes, opening the door for the sales of Zap cars in Kentucky.

Now, the first Zap car is cruising the Bluegrass.

A Georgetown woman decided a gas guzzling purchase was not in her future.

When Joann Bishop of Georgetown went looking for a new car, she was thinking of maybe getting a new truck, but something else caught her eye.

" I had seen him come in with them and seen them on television before and told my husband that's exactly what we need," said Bishop.

Bishop is talking about her new ride, an all electric Zap car.

" I like it cause it don't use gas and no pollution in the air," she said.

As a new Zap owner, Bishop has made history in Kentucky.

She is the first to be tooling around in a car that doesn't require gas, and this 64-year-old is loving every minute of it.

In August, Governor Beshear made the vehicles street legal, and Bishop is taking full advantage of it.

" Probably everyday, I'm a shopper," she said.

And she admits when she's out and about, "I get a lot of stares."

But Bishop says she doesn't care, even though her kids think she's nuts.

She says she's the one saving during this time of high gas prices.

And Joann isn't the only one thinking of making the switch to all electric.

Dan Cummins says since these vehicles have been on the lot, he has been inundated with curious shoppers.

"Our phones have lit up. People want to investigate the car, they want to test drive the car. We're having a ball with them," said Dan Cummins of Dan Cummins Chevrolet in Paris.

Jaann Bishop is now a trend setter in her own right.

Dan Cummins Chevrolet in Paris is the only dealer in our area currently selling the all electric Zap Vehicles.

For more information go to or call 859-340-1648

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