Service Dog Hit By Car, Driver At Large

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A deaf man from Lawerenceburg says his three-year-old basset hound was killed Thursday night by a hit and run driver.

Oscar has been John Dill's companion for the past year-and-a-half.

Dill says he relied on his dog everyday to alert him to possible dangers and other noises and sounds he can't hear.

Thursday night, when Dill says he was watching TV, he lost sight of Oscar. When he found him, the service dog was across the street, visiting with another dog.

Dill called for Oscar, not realizing a car was driving down the street. By the time he noticed, it was too late. Oscar was struck and killed.

Dill says the driver of the car didn't even stop.

Dill's attention turned to Oscar, so he didn't notice what the vehicle looked like.

Now, Dill will have to start over with another dog, but says they are expensive and he needs help to get a new one.

John Dill has set up an account at the American Founders Bank in Lawerenceburg. It's called "Oscar's friends".

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