Former High school Basketball Star Sentenced Today

A former high school basketball star who pleaded guilty to drug charges was sentenced today.

Bud Mackey expected to spend 6 months in jail after taking a plea deal. But, after some discussion with a judge, Mackey was sentenced to two months behind bars, provided he does community service.

Mackey's lawyer argued a six-month jail term would keep his client out of school this spring. Mackey will report to jail on Monday, October 13th and serve 60 days. Then, the judge says Mackey must go to school and complete 30 hours of community service by speaking to kids at schools about drugs.

The former High School Basketball Star pleaded guilty in august to an amended charge of possessing a controlled substance. He was arrested at Scott County High School last fall after police say he brought cocaine on campus.

Since then, the 19-year-old has spent two months in jail, completed his GED and been accepted to college.

His lawyer says he may end up at Cincinnati State, one of several schools that are interested in him.

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