Lawyers Ask For Dismissal Of Gambling Case

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It's a battle between the Commonwealth of Kentucky against 141 gambling websites. Kentucky looks to seize and take over their domain names.

Several lawyers have come forward to take on the Commonwealth to get the lawsuit dismissed.

The case has brought national and international attention, as this decision could set precedence for any state wanting to take on a website.

Online gamblers also chimed in and made a court showing. They are carefully watching to see what this court decision could mean for them.

Kentucky says these sites should be considered gambling devices as stated in Kentucky law. The Commonwealth argues domain names can be sold and hold value like any gambling machine, but the defense disagrees. The defense argues website names are not tangible devices that can physically be seized.

The seizure order is still in place for now, and Franklin Circuit Court Judge Thomas Wingate is expected to make a final order next week.

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