Vintage Bomber Takes Flight

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A vintage World War II bomber is in Lexington this week, giving aviation and history buffs a chance to take a ride back in time.

As the B-17 bomber sits on the tarmac at Bluegrass Airport, the sight of the world war two airplane brings back a flood of memories to Phil Scott.

Scott's father, also named Phillip flew 43 missions during World War II as a pilot on a B-17 between 1943 and 1945. Old photographs show a simpler time, when young men defended our country, then returned home to go on with their lives. Many were reluctant to talk about their time in combat.

For most folks the B-17 is just a vintage aircraft, a part of World War II history but for Phil Scott it's much more than that, this Flying Fortress represents a tangible link to his late father.

The restored B-17 Aluminum Overcast is in Lexington through Wednesday as part of the Experimental Aircraft Associations Salute to Veterans tour. This program gives aviation enthusiasts an up close look at history. The experience can be an emotional one. Even for the B-17 crew.

While Scott has toured the B-17 before, he has never flown in the bomber. That will change tomorrow when 3 generations of the Scott family take to the air together.

There are only about a dozen B-17s still flying today. Rides on the Aluminum Overcast area available for a fee at the Aviation Museum through tomorrow.

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