Lexington Police Officer's Car Hit, Suspects Run

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Some people say, there's never a police officer around when you need one. But one police officer was around when four hit and run suspects least expected it.

A white, four door vehicle, being driven by an unknown suspect hit three cars at the intersection of Man O' War and Maple Leaf Drive in Lexington. In one of those cars was a Lexington police officer. He had met up with his family after work in the Central Bank parking lot at Maple Leaf.

The officer left his cruiser, and got in with his wife and kids. But after their vehicle was hit, he ran back to the bank jumped in his car and began chasing the suspects' car. He also called for back-up, and put all officers on alert.

The multi-car, multi-cop search led clear across town, to a Hays Boulevard neighborhood, where the suspects bailed out. After a brief foot chase police arrested three of the men; Andre Lilly, Arturo Dunson, and Brian Thomas.

Police are now looking for the fourth man, but are confident he will be arrested very soon.

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