Middle School Football Game Turns Violent

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A middle school football game turned violent when police say a volunteer coach punched a referee to the ground.

The game Monday night between Corbin and Bell County was almost over when some tensions escalated and before he knew it, Williamsburg Police Office Shawn Jackson, who was announcing the game in the press box, says he found himself running down the stands to make an arrest.

Police say there were just a couple minutes left in the 7th grade game between Corbin and Bell County. They say the referee had just thrown two flags and then walked over to talk to a volunteer coach for Bell County.

"There was a few words exchanged. The next thing I know, the coach struck the ref," Jackson said.

And that's when Officer Shawn Jackson had to stop announcing the game and spring into action.

"The referee appeared to just kind of melt down to the ground, continued to lay there. At this point, my police officer instinct kicked in. I went straight down the bleachers to the gate and across the field," Jackson said.

He arrested 36 year old John Green and charged him with assaulting a sports official. Jackson says he's glad he was able to act quickly.

"There were several other people coming onto the field, and it could've gotten ugly quick," Jackson said.

Police say John Green was volunteering as a coach for Bell County.

Green pleaded not guilty in court Tuesday and is out of jail on bond.

We talked to the referee by phone and he says he can't comment except to say that he's sore, but doing fine.

"It was awful that it did happen, and even more awful the kids had to see that happen," Jackson said.

Police say the volunteer coach was very apologetic afterwards and felt bad about what happened.

We were not able to reach that volunteer coach, John Green, by phone Wednesday.

He is due back in court in November.

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